Summer '22: New Assets & Templates

With a ton of new assets - no detail has been overlooked in creating 11 new templates, now available in the template library!

Summer '22: New Assets & Templates
A glimpse into our new templates and design language! 

Here in Seattle, the calendar says it's summer, but the forecast seems to think differently. Even though we're still putting on puffy coats to go on afternoon dog walks, we're fulfilling our summer dreams a different way - with a bunch of new templates, assets, and Joshua Tree vibes straight to your desktop.

New Design Language

Since our inception, we've taken pride in our ability to build your vision into a realistic, functional virtual office. Our new design language is focused on providing an elevated virtual office that is visually stimulating, while remaining fun and functional.

We've added in new styles of chairs, office plants, wall textures, environments, and more. Interested in an office design consultation? Drop Andi a note -

New Templates

We've enhanced our most popular templates with this new design language, and added a few new ones.

Offices (6): Now available (either as a brand new or updated template)

Small Office (up to 12 people), Small Campus (up to 12 people), Medium Campus (up to 24 people), Large Office F (up to 50 people), Small Office C, Co-Working Space

Events (3): Now available (either as a brand new or updated template)

Patio Party, Classroom, Art Gallery

Fun (2): Now available (either as a brand new or updated template)

Birthday Party, Cafe/Bar

I can't ruin the surprise with too many pictures, so go check them out today!