Spot-Light Wednesday: National Small Business Week

Celebrating national small business week.

Spot-Light Wednesday: National Small Business Week

This week’s Spot-Light Wednesday is on you, the Small Business owner or aspiring entrepreneur. Happy National #SmallBusinessWeek! Spot is celebrating with the U.S. Small Business Administration to recognize our nation’s small businesses for their innovation and resilience this year. Just because the SBA’s virtual summit ends today, doesn’t mean the celebration does! Did someone say “after-hours party!”?

Virtual Open-House

That’s right, we will keep an after hours party going where participants are invited to join a Spot “open-house” here and explore our virtual tool while networking. Want to throw your own party in a suite? Create your own space by visiting our site:

Why am I personally excited about Small Business Week?

I spent 8 years of my young professional career (2010-2018) helping run the small business office at the U.S. Department of Transportation. When I left the U.S. DOT I supported the SBA's Arizona Small Business Development Center Network. As an attorney/CPA a large portion of my practice is focused on small business empowerment/development. I am lucky to continue empowering small business owners through a virtual platform like Spot. Based on this professional experience, Spot brings immediate value to small business owners by:

  • Forget the real estate cost for internal team meetings, save $ with a virtual office while meeting the needs of current and prospective employees
  • On-demand sales engagement tool with prospective customers
  • Customer service platform with a “real” person (forget about the bot)
  • Networking, presentation, and events (don’t forget about “happy-hours” and team building activities)

For a more in-depth value proposition on Spot, check out our recent blog articles on: recruiting/retaining talent, equality/inclusion/diversity, culture, productivity, and addressing needs of employees. Better yet, send me an email: or jump into our open house to chat!