Spot-Light Wednesday: Public Service

Public Service Use Case: Public engagement benefits of town halls, networking with stakeholders, and multiple concurrent meetings.

Spot-Light Wednesday: Public Service

How do I know Spot would work for public service? I spent 8 years working at the U.S. Department of Transportation running a national small business program and focused on civil rights work. If a major road, airport, railway, or light transit system was proposed we would engage our stakeholders and citizens of those communities to solicit feedback that would optimally design the system proposed and create inclusivity of those wanting to participate in the project.

Close to 24 million people work in public service at all levels of public service from the Federal, State, and Local levels. Spot’s main use case for public service is two fold. First, internal team meetings, events, and collaboration similar to private organizations. Second, public engagement, where connection to stakeholders and citizens is vital for public services to address their needs. We will focus on the public engagement use case for the public service sector.

Our methods for engaging stakeholders might be to host a town hall, require stakeholders to submit comments, and foster ongoing dialogues with key stakeholders. If we had a tool like Spot we could more efficiently and effectively create more public engagement opportunities that were meaningful in participation and feedback.

Large Town Hall

Want a better way to manage and engage with hundreds of people who might show up to a live or zoom town hall meeting? Help your attendees still feel engaged in the conversation by immersing them into a 3D space and have more functionality to control crowds in Spot. We can scale your events to make sure your message is broadcasted to larger audiences (Presenter mode) with controls in place for meaningful participation by attendees.

Need to record your meeting or take minutes? We got you covered with an optional integration that will streamline your administrative duties for a public service needs.

"Sound difficult? It's really not. As either the host or an attendee, it's a very similar experience to joining any other screen share meeting, but with added benefits. Learn more about maximizing your Town Hall or Event Experience on our blog.

Take the stage and engage with stakeholders
We can host hundreds of participants!

Promote Inclusion and Networking Amongst Attendees

How effectively are your attendees networking in a Zoom meeting or chat room? Bring the experience to life for your attendees by virtually immersing them as avatars in a 3D world. No download is necessary, just click a link like any other meeting software and another browser window drops you into the meeting/event. Attendees can view, in real time, different breakout conversations and engage with one another in a more meaningful way. You can lock rooms, limit conversation zones, create spatial zoning, and leverage a broadcast message. There are a number of voice/video options for you to allow your attendees to communicate clearly and meaningfully in Spot.

Here is a picture of a small breakout session during the last Small Business Administration’s Small Business Week when we shared a public link for anyone to join:

Multiple Concurrent Meetings

Do you have multiple procurement meetings? Are you looking to hire? Do you need to meet with hundreds of constituents? Create unlimited amounts of meeting rooms that can be locked and assigned meeting times with stakeholders. In most screen share platforms, like Zoom, it requires management of multiple links or randomized breakout rooms where you lose connection to the attendee and their ability to rejoin everyone in a common space.

This is an example (below) of a space used to host a networking event with 1 on 1 meetings in the side rooms.

Need to help getting started? Ping me directly and we can maximize your Spot world for your intended use: