March - Product Roundup!

We're constantly rolling out new features and functionality to make distributed work better than in person, so give the most recent updates a look!

March - Product Roundup!

Our mission is simple: to make distributed work better than in person. We're doubling down on functionality across the board, so let's jump right in!
In this month's email, I'm covering:

  • Open Invite: Beta for Avatar Builder
  • NEW! Teams/Slack Integration
  • NEW! Invite Guests in Full Screen Grid View
  • NEW! Keybinds and Shortcuts
  • NEW! Webcam Backgrounds & Blur
  • Updates: Performance & Stability
  • Coming Soon: a whole bunch of stuff!

Open Invite: Beta for Avatar Builder

Full customization of your Avatar! 

Spot's "Spring Fashion Line" got a serious makeover and we're ready to hit the runway!  
I've been teasing it for a while, but now we're ready for ya! Reply back to this e-mail if you'd like the brand new Avatar Builder enabled for your team!
Here at Spot, we're having a ton of fun choosing between a variety of:

  • Clothing options and colors
  • Rockin' cool hair styles and colors
  • Adding accessories like nose rings, hats, earrings, and more!

Want to encourage diversity and inclusion within your team, or a fun way to encourage creativity? Just email me back to get it enabled for your office!

Our team in their new Avatars! 

NEW! Teams and Slack Integration

By popular request, we have officially launched our Teams and Slack integrations, bringing you a cohesive messaging experience.
In V1 of our launch you can:

  • Sync your Presence and Status
  • Automatically engage Headphones Mode when you start a Teams Call
  • Use "/Spot (room name)" in Slack to quickly start a meeting

Our small team is working hard to enhance this integration, so send us your feedback!

Setup Instructions for Teams & Slack. Slack requires an admin to grant permission, so make sure to ask them to connect it!

NEW! Invite Guests in Full Screen Grid View

If Spot has been working well for your internal team, think about the possibilities for external meetings as well. Imagine showing off your office to candidates, customers, friends, and more. Worried they'll have a tough time grasping the 3D elements of it? Worry no more.

When inviting people to your office, just click "Start in grid view" that lands them in a super familiar view before they go find pizza in your kitchen.

More info about Full Screen Grid View here.

NEW! Keybinds and Shortcuts

Efficiency is key - and keybinds are the best solution! Bad joke, I know.
Let's cover the top 5 Keybinds we see people use most often:

  1. Cmd + K = Quick search
  2. Cmd + M = Turn on/off Microphone
  3. Cmd + H = Headphones Mode on/off
  4. Cmd + 1 = Jump emote
  5. Cmd + 2 = Clap emote

Keep an eye out for /emote options coming soon!

To setup these shortcuts, navigate to User Settings -> Keybinds.

NEW! Webcam backgrounds and blur

This one doesn't need explanation, it's just that cool! Now you can choose to blur your background, use one of ours, or upload your own!

Navigate to User Settings -> Voice and Video to see the options!

Updates: Performance & Stability

Performance and stability is always paramount here at Spot and we are constantly working on updates and improvements - and it's not always visible in shiny new features, we're workin' under the hood too!

Since our inception, we've consistently been at 99.99% uptime, which isn't easy when you're rollin' out this much new stuff!

Since January alone, we've supported nearly 30,000 hours of active microphones/screenshares/webcams - and millions of messages exchanged - helping make distributed work better than in person!

COMING SOON! A whole bunch of new stuff!

We're always workin' on something new, here's what we're working on now!

  • Mobile Apps (Android and iOS)
  • Chat Search
  • Avatar Builder (when someone first joins your office)
  • Chat Search
  • /commands for emotes
  • Space/Room level permissions
  • Enhanced permissions for member details

This was a long post, and there's so much more I could cover! Keep an eye on our roadmap and changelog. And if you have feedback, we'd love to hear it! You can reply to me directly or submit a feature request here.

🟢 AJ @ spotvirtual . com 🟢