Spot-Light Wednesday: Education Use Case

Customize your learning or education experience in Spot. Breakout groups, Auditorium/events, Social skills/Cognitive learning benefits!

Spot-Light Wednesday: Education Use Case

We should all aspire to be life-long learners and adopt a growth mindset approach to life. This week I’m learning more about Universal Analytic (UA) tags from a community learning group and how to leverage tags in analyzing our marketing efforts.

Whether you’re a life learner in a meet-up community, a parent of a child in elementary school, or in high school/college -- an immersive 3D engagement tool, like Spot, can improve your experience and retention. Let me show you a few examples:

Breakout groups

After talking with a number of educators we consistently hear the same message, “we need breakout rooms and better tools to keep our students engaged”. With Spot, you can host multiple concurrent sessions and meeting groups at a single moment. You can separate conversations with “Spatial Circles”, virtual walls/rooms, or separate spaces/layouts all together. You can further control those conversations with different access permissions and functions like our presenter mode.

This event is leveraging spatial circles, rooms, and presenter mod to facilitate numerous separate conversations.


Who remembers the traditional school assembly where you sit on the gym bleachers and listen to your principle talk for an hour? I’m not advocating for more moments like that. If you need to host an educational event and want to get off those bleachers and spice it up then you should read the blog post by AJ from the Spot team here.

Pitch-night and training!

Social Skills

The skill hurt most from going to screen on screen learning is social skills. Kids and adults stuck in the void of their own Zoom black hole are confined in their interaction and presence with others. Learn to share many of the fun activities in Spot whether it’s an interactive screen, video arcade game, a meditation room, Spot pets, or anything the imagination would want for their learning environment.

Increased Engagement/Cognitive Learning

There was a time where society thought that video games were bad for us -- fast forward to 2021. Not only are there gamers who now pull in millions of dollars a year and are world-renowned celebrities, but over the past decade, new studies continue to emphasize the benefits of video games. The closest benefits that parallel to an immersive 3D virtual work environment like, Spot, are video games.

The U.S. National Institute of Health helps evidence the benefits of video game based learning, “the present systematic review gives evidences of benefits of video game trainings on cognitive and emotional skills in relation to the healthy adult population, especially on young adults. Efficacy has been demonstrated not only for non-commercial video games or commercial brain-training programs, but for commercial video games as well...empirical evidences were identified for all the training outcomes, showing the potential effectiveness of video games for the training of both cognitive (i.e., multiple domain, processing speed and RTs, memory, task-switching/multitasking, mental spatial rotation), and emotional skills.

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